Project Members:

Harvey Millar (Chief Scientist,

Cornelia Hooper (Project Leader,

Ian Castleden (Software Engineer,

Kylie Black (Librarian,

Katina Toufexis (Research Data Coordinator,

ANDS Contact:

Agi Gedeon (

Project Status:


The Compendium of cropPAL

The University of Western Australia

Project Description

cropPAL is a platform offering subcellular protein localisation data for wheat, barley, rice and maize linked to contemporary genome databases. The HVC project will integrate a further 40+ proteome-wide new data collections and increase the range of data types with the addition of 7 additional economically important global crop species: grape, soybean, tomato, potato, canola, sorghum and banana.

The project will also gather protein:protein interaction (PPI) data for wheat and barley cereal crops and linked phylogenetic homologies to connect cross-species PPI data to wheat and barley proteins and their subcellular locations toward enhanced understanding of biological processes.

Data Type:

fluorescent protein tagged cells; mass spectrometry; computational predictions