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The PetaJakarta platform runs on the open source software CogniCity – a GeoSocial Intelligence framework developed at the SMART Infrastructure Facility – which allows data to be collected and disseminated by community members through their location-enabled mobile devices.


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Tomas Holderness (Researcher,

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PetaJakarta Data Sharing Project

University of Wollongong

Project Description

The PetaJakarta Data Sharing Project aims to promote national and international research collaboration through the sharing of data related to the response of the city of Jakarta to flooding during the 2014/2015 monsoon season.

The two data collections released as part of the PetaJakarta Collaborative Data Sharing Project will form an in-valuable suite of open, well described and richly connected data relating infrastructure and social media use in the context of flooding Jakarta. The data are all connected by their relevance to flooding, spatial location and temporal extents. These data will represent a unique insight to researchers seeking to understand the response of mega-city infrastructure to flooding in a developing nations context where social media data offer a potential alternative to limited pre-existing formal flood data networks.

It should be noted that the two data collections released by this Collaborative Data Sharing Project are complimented by existing external data-sets relevant for researchers in this area. These are principally, the collection of historical flood extents released by BPBD under the OpenStreetMap license, and the ongoing acquisition of topographic map data undertaken by the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap team, also released under an OpenStreetMap license. While the direct inclusion of these data in this Data Collection is outside the scope of this project, and the data included by this Data Collection Project are valuable independently of these external data, it is important to appreciate the availability of these external data, helping to
support future research projects beyond the PetaJakarta programme.

The pilot study for PetaJakarta, in conjunction with the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of the local government in Jakarta (BPBD), will proceed for one year from May 1 2014. This joint study will evaluate the potential for an integrated suite of geosocial media and infrastructure data, collected by PetaJakarta, to augment BPBD’s existing information system to support decision-making during flood response. The pilot study is building on significant existing research undertaken and data collected by the Co-CIs, including the mapping of over 1000 Km of waterways and hydrological infrastructure in Jakarta, and the development of a web-based open source platform to collect social media activity related to flood events. During the 2014/2015 monsoon season the PetaJakarta team will work with BPBD and Twitter to collect spatial data on social media activity during flooding, and augment existing hydrological infrastructure records. These data will form the key deliverables for the ANDS support PetaJakarta Data Sharing Project.

Specifically, the two data collections will be as follows:
(1) Location of hydrological infrastructure data and their attributes (majority of data already acquired).
(2) Spatio-temporal measures of activity on the social media network Twitter, related to flooding, collected by

ANDS support for this data sharing project will foster national and international research collaboration by providing open access to these novel data and their associated metadata.

Data Type:

hydrological infrastructure data and spatio-temporal measures of activity on the social media network Twitter