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Metadata Store Solutions

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ANU Data gateway

Australian National University

Project Description:

Background and context
The Australian National University shares the ANDS objectives and is committed to recording research outcomes envisaged by the Metadata Stores programme. The University is a major provider of quality research and seeks to support, sustain and enhance quality research through the publication and sharing of knowledge.

To meet these objectives the University is committed to the development of comprehensive knowledge management capabilities. These capabilities are fundamental to clearly realising quality research management and to revealing new opportunities through the capture of
research outcomes. The University's intent acknowledges that these metadata systems, which support researchers and enable them to control and share outcomes, should not become a bureaucratic overhead. Instead we seek to develop an enabling knowledge management framework that works with research communities that respects discipline specific requirements while seeking to capture commonality to enable cross-disciplinary discovery and reuse.

The University's participation in the ANDS data capture and seeding the commons projects has emphasised a need for a university-wide collections registry and the desirability of integrating that registry with other metadata sources such as the ANU's Digital Collections open access repository, to provide a comprehensive metadata store to allow researchers and scholars to cross reference research papers and supporting datasets.

This project was designed to show the power of data aggregation. As a number of systems involved were under review during the lifetime of the project, the aim was very much to build something that could be reused and easily adapted to work with any replacement systems.

Participants and engagement
This project was carried out by Information Technology Services in co-operation with the Resesarch Services Directorate of the ANU who contributed effort and expertise into the project.

The co-operative nature of this project meant that the development team had ready access to data sources manageed by the Research Services Directorate.

The Research Services Directorate were already convinced of the advantages of data aggregation to give a unified source of data on scholarly activity within the University and the need to provide a mechanism to provide an aggregated data feed to research managers
within the schools and colleges of the University.

High Level Software Functionality:

A working feed of records describing Collections and associated Activities, Parties and Service to Research Data Australia

Alignment of Party records University HR, with new researcher descriptions added to the metadata through regular updates from the name authority

Alignment of Party records with the ARDC Party Infrastructure Project, with researcher descriptions contributed to the NLA and with People Australia identifiers recorded against researchers

Alignment of Activity records with University and external sources of truth (Research Office, ARC and NHMRC grant registries), with new research projects added to the metadata through regular updates from the sources of truth

Workflow for registering new Collections in the University

Strategic reporting on contents and coverage of metadata store for internal use

Storage and exposure for discovery of object level metadata, and alignment of object level metadata with collection metadata

Storage and management of technical metadata for object and collection reuse, including software and equipment descriptions, methodology, and data interpretation