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Integration metadata from various systems which are internal to an institution

Metadata Store Solutions

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QUT Research Data Finder

Queensland University of Technology

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The overarching goal of the QUT Metadata Store Project was to, with funding from the Australian National Data Service (ANDS) create an institutional data registry, or metadata repository. In undertaking the project, the project team was tasked with creating a resource that would allow QUT to track the existence and location of data sets or data collections that were created or collected during research projects undertaken by QUT researchers.

Within Australia and internationally, many funding bodies such as the Australian Research Council (ARC), and the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) have already mandated that publications arising from publicly funded research projects be placed on open access. QUT will be well placed to respond to similar developments in relation to research data.

As a fully integrated metadata repository, QUT Research Data Finder aligns with institutional sources of truth, such as QUT’s research administration system, ResearchMaster, as well as QUT’s Academic Profiles system to provide high quality data descriptions that increase awareness of, and access to, shareable research data. The repository and its workflows are designed to foster better data management practices, enhance opportunities for collaboration and research, promote cross-disciplinary research and maximise the impact of existing research data sets.

The metadata schema used in Research Data Finder is the Registry Interchange Format - Collections and Services (RIF-CS) developed by ANDS. This high-level interchange format is more complex than metadata schemas for publications. For this reason, Research Data Finder will for the immediate future use a hybrid self-deposit and mediated deposit system. In addition to automated ingests from ResearchMaster (research project or activity information) and Academic Profiles system (researcher and research group information), shareable data is identified via a number of key “trigger points” in the research cycle, including: research grant proposals; ethics applications; Data Management Plans; Liaison Librarian data interviews; and thesis submissions. Ingested records can be supplemented with related metadata including links to related publications, such as those in QUT ePrints. The registry also aids researchers to appropriately address and record issues surrounding the management of their data, namely copyright, licensing, retention, embargoes, publication and citation.

QUT Research Data Finder metadata fields support the description of both openly accessible data sets and those available via mediation or negotiation. If data can be shared or re-used, the registry will include a link to downloadable data files or provide information on how to arrange mediated access e.g. list researcher contact details.

Records deposited in QUT Research Data Finder are harvested by ANDS and made available to a national and international audience via Research Data Australia (RDA), ANDS’ discovery service for Australian research data. Researcher and research group metadata records are also harvested by the National Library of Australia (NLA) and these records are then published in Trove (the NLA’s digital information portal). By contributing records to the national infrastructure, QUT data will become more visible.