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Integration metadata from various systems which are internal to an institution

Integration collection records, party records and activity records which may be external to an institution

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Emily Grucza (Project Contact,

Neil Fan (Principal Developer,

Terry Kildea (Business Analyst,

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Richard Ferrers (

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Deakin Research Data Footprints

Deakin University

Project Description

Final: The ANDS metadata store project has allowed Deakin to implement Deakin Research Data Footprints, which allows the management of data descriptions by researchers. Researchers are empowered to self-submit their data descriptions, which once submitted are reviewed by the Library to ensure a high quality of metadata. Once data collections have been reviewed they are available in both our central research output repository (Deakin Research Online) and Research Data Australia for discovery.

Initial: This metadata store project will deliver an integrated metadata store that draws on information held within Deakin?s core business systems and national sources of truth. Options for the delivery and ongoing use and support of a metadata store at Deakin will be assessed to ensure that the best possible solution is implemented that encompasses the strategic vision of the University and supports the Deakin University research systems roadmap. A technical solution will then be implemented along with processes, workflow and researcher training to support the ongoing capture of metadata.
The project will require a strong working relationship between the Faculties, the Researchers, the Library, Deakin Research and the Information Technology Services Division and will dovetail into the planned 2012 Deakin research IT initiatives.
People change management is vital to the success of this project. The project will work to educate Researchers on the importance of capturing metadata for research data collections and support researchers to do so. It will aim to ingrain metadata capture for research data collections into the normal processes of the University with all Faculties contributing metadata to the store.
Feeds of metadata will be provided to the Australian Research Data Commons in the required ANDS format.

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