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Integration metadata from various systems which are internal to an institution

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Research Data Storage and Curation at RMIT

RMIT University

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Final: The Metadata Stores project at RMIT is the first step in bringing new services for RMIT Researchers to address their needs in research data management. Publishing research data outcomes is an important part of the research data life cycle as it announces the existence of useful information, promotes researchers and thereby making the effort in the research more worthwhile.

RMIT customised and deployed ReDBox, an open-source Metadata Store system. It is designed with workflows for investigating, reviewing and publishing research metadata records. The project team used iterative meetings to design the processes and system settings for RMIT. The resulting system needed to be flexible but balanced against collecting a consistent level of quality in the records to be captured. This was achieved by prioritising and focusing on key issues every week with representatives from each area.

Initial: This project will build on the previous work funded by ANDS and other bodies that has produced a number of domain-specific metadata stores with feeds to the Australian Research Data Commons (ARDC). This ANDS-funded work will be integrated with a major University project to build a comprehensive research data storage and curation system.

The focus of this ANDS-funded component will be to: create a central metadata store, provide for populating this with metadata from the implemented domain-specific metadata stores, provide a framework for the inclusion of new domain specific metadata stores, and to provide a mechanism to publish metadata to the ARDC.

The broader ITS project will provide an overall architecture, business processes and on-going support, basic services and the deployment of reliable, sustainable and extensible storage infrastructure.

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