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Integration metadata from various systems which are internal to an institution

Metadata Store Solutions

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Swinburne Metadata Store Project

Swinburne University of Technology

Collaborator(s): VeRSI

Project Description

The Swinburne Metadata Stores Project was funded in 2012 by ANDS to implement a metadata store at Swinburne. Having a metadata store will help to meet the following objectives:

• Enable improved compliance with funding body requirements for research data management;
• Increase visibility around research activities within Swinburne to enable strategic planning;
• Enable the discovery and reuse of quality Swinburne datasets, contributing to the research community as a whole; and
• Enable high quality metadata to facilitate discovery and ongoing management.

By helping to build relationships between enterprise systems and external services, academics are now able to create rich research data descriptions for Research Data Australia.

Prior to the initiation of this project there was no system at Swinburne capable of handling the management of data collection descriptions. Through the implementation of the Swinburne Metadata Store, backed by the ReDBox and Mint systems, we now have the capacity to maintain a curated collection of these records which can be more fully utilised by the institution. Detailed descriptions of research and data collections can be submitted directly to RDA, or via ReDBox, depending on the record type and complexity.

High Level Software Functionality:

ReDBox metadatastore installation