Project Members:

Martin Borchert (Project Co-ordinator,

ANDS Contact:

Andrew White (

Project Status:


Identifying and describing QUT's research datasets and making metadata available to the QUT research community and the Australian Research Data Commons

Queensland University of Technology

Project Description:

"Project was to identify and described QUT research datasets in preparation for making metadata more accessible to QUT research community and the Australian Research Data Service. With this project QUT intends to identify its datasets created from ARC, NHMRC and Arts Council funded projects, describe these datasets using the RIF-CS Schema using information derived from data interviews with researchers, and store these records in QUT's research data metadata repository. Data Librarians were seconded to the project which was completed by June 2010. Data interview activities were completed and some statistical summaries were generated.
The final result was 195 interviews with researchers in relation to 424 research activities. 66 activities could not be interviewed as the 47 researchers associated with them were no longer at QUT. 73 activities could not be interviewed as the 29 associated researchers were not available. From the 424 data interviews 120 had no new data or used other primary data sources. From the remaining 304 projects 492 datasets were identified and descriptions obtained at varying levels. 10 datasets can already be accessed online, 40 datasets may be able to be shared under mediated access, 103 datasets may potentially be shareable if ""barriers to sharing"" can be overcome and 339 datasets were not shareable due to barriers."

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