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Xiaobin Shen (

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Identifying and describing Griffith University's research datasets and making metadata available to the Griffith research community and the Australian Research Data Commons

Griffith University

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"The aims of this project were:
- Assess research data resulting from ARC, NHMRC and Australia Arts Council grants
- Identify and describe research data associated with Griffith research projects in order to meet the criteria set out by the Australian Research Data Commons and the National Collaborative Research Infrastructure Strategy
- Consult with researchers to identify appropriate access to their research data (open, mediated, controlled, meta-data only, restricted) in line with Federal, State and Griffith's data management policies, and accommodate any legal, ethical, security or other constraints over the lifecycle of the research data identified.

The project completed June 2010.

Results: The successful import of 1144 registry objects published to the ANDS Sandbox and thence to production. These records included: 385 Imported Researchers; 69 Imported Parties; 676 Imported Projects; 11 Imported Collections; 3 Imported Services."

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