Project Members:

Dr. Jonathan Bollen (Project Manager,

ANDS Contact:

Andrew Treloar (

Project Status:


Aus-e-Stage – Collective Intelligence and Creative Visualisation for Collaborative eResearch

Flinders University

Project Description:

AusStage is an online research facility for investigating live performances in Australia. The Aus-e-Stage project will develop two new visually interactive services for exploring information in the AusStage database. It also will create the capability to generate a new data set of immediate, on-location responses from spectators of Australian performing arts.

* Mapping service - an interactive interface with which to search, manage and chart the geographic distribution of performance events. Also developed KML and KMZ overlays for historical maps and ABS data.

* Navigating networks service - a web interface for navigating and analysing the network of artistic collaborations embedded in the AusStage data set. Users can also download data or interest for visualization using desktop graph visualization tools.

* Research Audiences service – gathers audience input from SMS, Twitter and a web form.

* All these services are now available from the AusStage website, but further work will be done later this year to integrate them with the search interface of a new version of the AusStage portal that is currently under development.

* Performing arts researchers can better explore and visualize the data in the AusStage database.

* Theatre companies and researchers have a mechanism for accessing audience responses to performances.