Project Members:

Prof. Mervyn Lynch (Project Lead,

Dr. Peter Feans (Project Member, )

Dr. Edward King (Project Member,

ANDS Contact:

Andrew Treloar (

Project Status:


Workflow Services to enable a Large-Scale Temporal- Spatial Ecosystem Digital Information Service

TERN AusCover

Collaborator(s): Curtin University of Technology, CSIRO, Murdoch University

Project Description:

The AusCover component of the NCRIS Terrestrial Ecosystems Research Network(TERN) capability is focused on organising remote sensing data sources and products for terrestrial ecosystems research. AusCover will enable, for the first time in Australia, the storage of these data sets online in a form that makes them directly accessible to the user community. This project aims to provide easy-to-use workflow tools and services that enable researchers to process AusCover data sets using the ARCS grid (or cloud) computing infrastructure or other HPC resources that they have available. The intent is that the tools will hide the complexity of the underlying processing environment behind a straightforward user interface. The same workflow tools will also assist AusCover data providers, allowing them to more easily process
raw satellite data.

* Remote sensing data processing workflow system (RS-YABI) has been created, based on the YABI workflow tool (from the NeAT BioFlows project).

* Workflow service deployments – pilot system deployed at IVEC compute facility at Murdoch University, production deployment at the NCI, production deployment at IVEC will be competed later this year.

* Software modules for standard processing functions for remote sensing data sets (MODIS and AVHRR) developed for RS-YABI.

* Workflows developed to generate standard data products from MODIS and AVHRR data sets.

* Some exemplar customised application workflows developed, for identification of smoke and dust and analysis of their effects.

* Workflow system to enable remote sensing data providers or consumers to easily develop custom workflows.

* Automated tools for generating standard remote sensing data products for TERN AusCover and IMOS, utilizing existing compute facilities either directly or through the ARCS Grid interface.

* Researchers and state agencies can more easily analyse remote sensing data using grid and high-performance computing facilities.