Project Members:

Peter Blain (Project Manager, )

ANDS Contact:

Andrew Treloar (

Project Status:


Marine and Climate Data Discovery and Access Project

Integrated Marine Observing System

Collaborator(s): CSIRO, Bureau of Meteorology Architecta

Project Description:

Integrate large marine and climate data sets and to deliver these data sets through a wider range of data streams, using standard metadata, data formats and access interfaces, enabling data to be more easily discoverable, searchable and accessible to researchers.

* Enhancements to the GeoNetwork Metadata Entry and Search Tool (MEST), including addition of OGC Web Catalog Service (WCS) capability. New MEST is used by IMOS eMII and Australian Ocean Data Network (AODN), and incorporated into the GeoNetwork codebase.

* Enhancements to the TPAC Digital Library including an improved web portal, administrator interface and data harvester. Software also deployed at Bureau of Meteorology (BoM).

* Data aggregation harvester and aggregator completed and deployed by IMOS and AODN.

* Add support for OGC Web Map Service (WMS) to THREDDS OPeNDAP server. Included in version 4.0 of THREDDS and deployed by IMOS, BoM and TPAC Digital Library.

* Secure authenticated data access with OPeNDAP using Hyrax server. Work has been completed and improvements will be included in the next release of Hyrax later this year. It will then be deployed at the BoM to allow authenticated access to BoM data sets.

* Translation Services to convert data files to conform to standard formats and metadata specifications. Deployed at TPAC for the TPAC Digital Library.

* Enhanced functionality and improved user interfaces for portals that are currently in regular use by marine and climate related research communities, including federated search across multiple data sets, aggregation of resultant data sets, improved metadata and geo-spatial search.

* Adding support for international standards for data formats, metadata and data access.

* Improved tools for data providers to support standards for metadata, data formats and web services.