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CSU Open Data Collection – Showcasing our research data

Charles Sturt University

Project Description

Charles Sturt University is using the ANDS funded Open Data Collection project to initiate the process of making research data open access. The Library is working with other stakeholders to develop the infrastructure to allow data collection to be described and made accessible.

For this project, the focus is to use a number of data collections to show research carried out at different levels (PhD, early-career, senior researchers, international collaboration, recently completed) can be made open access. This allows greater exposure to researchers, post-PhD and early-career in particular, and other researchers to easily discover, identify and retrieve important data collections. This project has helped to discover these data collections and recognise them as primary research outputs, which otherwise would have left hidden.

Following data collections will be made available as online open access.

1. Academic library survey responses data: Research support services, including bibliometrics and research data management

This collection originates from recently conducted internationally collaborated research by senior researchers in the field. It consists of online questionnaire responses on research support services from a large sample of 140 academic libraries in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

2. Effects on performance in a visual search task data

This collection comes from a recent study that collected data form a series of visual search tasks by participants who volunteered. The condensed raw data and syntax of the analysis are made available as open but the full stimulus set is shareable only via a direct individual request to the researcher. Making this data collection available therefore shows that a subset of a large collection can be made open and it does not need to be the whole collection of the entire study.

3. Botanal and seedling recruitment data: Rehabilitation of perennial pastures PhD project

This collection comes from a PhD project which is very relevant to pasture researchers who are looking at manipulating pasture composition. Outputs such as technical bulletin, advisory note, fact sheet from the PhD have been widely circulated and used. Opening this data collection allows researchers and landholders to see non-processed data from which recommendations were made. The data is provided to showcase higher degree research data can be made available for further use. An excellent way to raise research profile of recent PhD graduates.