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Professor John Yeaman (Chief Researcher,

Beth Crawter (ANDS Contact,

Shan Kelly (Faculty Librarian,

Bec Owen (Repository Coordinator,

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Kathryn Unsworth (

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Pavement characteristics as a function of environmental conditions

University of the Sunshine Coast

Project Description

This data measures the impact of climatic conditions and heavy vehicles on road pavements. The data were obtained over two years from a test site on Sippy Downs Drive, Sippy Downs. Data was taken every minute of every day.

Weather parameters measured include: wind speed, wind direction, barometric pressure, air temperature, humidity, pavement surface temperature, pavement temperature at a depth of 75mm, solar radiation, moisture content at a depth of 75mm, moisture content at a depth of 300mm.

Critical strains measured include: horizontal tensile strain in the pavement at a depth of 75mm, vertical compressive strain in the pavement at a depth of 300mm shear strain.

This initial collection is part of an ongoing data collection project increasing to 5 sites.

Data Type:

The data are in .csv format