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Integration metadata from various systems which are internal to an institution

Metadata Feed/Harvest/Publish

Project Members:

Business Owner - PROV (Julie McCormack,

Project Manager - PROV (Graham McCusker,

Business Analyst - PROV (David Fowler,

Lead Developer - SRNSW (Richard Lehane,

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Richard Ferrers (

Project Status:


Government Archives Metadata Project

Public Record Office of Victoria

Collaborator(s): State Records Office NSW

Project Description:

Government Archives across Australia hold massive quantities of documents which are of great value to researchers, particularly in the humanities and social science fields.

This project would develop software tools for the automated extraction of metadata about these holdings and their transformation into the format required for delivery into the Australian Research Data Commons. This would greatly increase their accessibility and useability for researchers across Australia, leveraging from the systems for metadata management and storage each of the Government Archive partners already has in place.

The project would result in metadata extraction tools being built and installed in at least two of the Government Archives partnering in this project, serving as an exemplar which the other partners and other archives across Australia could leverage from.

The funding requested would provide resources to contract a Project Manager who would plan, manage and report on the project and a Technical Specialist with responsibility for developing software specifications, building data extraction tools to feed metadata into the ANDS RDA in the required format and installing, configuring and testing the tools. The partner Government Archives would provide archival metadata and system technical specialists who would provide substantial input into this project.

The software tools and other products developed will be released as open source so that they can be used by other organisations and groups. The Government Archives which have tools built for them through this project will undertake to maintain these tools and products, using their in-house archival and technical specialists.

Data Type:

archival documents, particularly in the humanities and social science fields.

High Level Software Functionality:

A series of 13 SQL stored processes are run in sequence to download metadata from PROV’s archive, apply business rules, manage exclusions, manipulate, derive, and transform data, and update the shared tables.

The process is designed to produce metadata for a common schema and table structure that is shared with SRNSW, each Archive will need to customise the scripts to a greater or lesser extent to arrive at the same shared schema

The Application Server will then only require minimal customisation to enable the harvesting and expose of metadata in OAI compliant RIF-CS