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Programming language(s):

Perl, Java

Project Members:

Susan Lafferty (Project Manager,

Maude Francis (Project Manager, maude,

Harry Sidhunata (Lead Developer,

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Alan Glixman (

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Research Data Management Services

University of New South Wales

Project Description:

"The Seeding the Commons project at UNSW has developed a number of services, applications and resources to support research data management. Key deliverables have included:

- More than 80 research collections from the University of NSW were documented and contributed to Research Data Australia (RDA). Records of associated projects, services, people and organisations have also been made available.
- Resources about research data management have been developed and disseminated. This includes a detailed guide to best-practice research data management as well as the material from a series of workshops on data librarianship and research data management.
- The ResData Deposit Tool was developed to enable UNSW researchers to contribute descriptions of their data via a simple web form. Records of research data captured via the Deposit Tool are saved in ResData, an institutional registry of research data and collections, as well as appearing in Research Data Australia.
- The Data and Publications Linkage Tool was developed to link research datasets with associated publications. The ability to cite, attribute and link to research data is desirable for researchers and other repository users. This tool is designed to interoperate with Fedora, a popular storage layer for institutional repositories and metadata registries.

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