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Vanessa Barrett (Project Manager / Data Source Administrator,

Cathy Miller (Research Data Project Officer,

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Alan Glixman (

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Research Data Storage and Management

University of Adelaide

Project Description:

The University of Adelaide’s Seeding the Commons project, branded as Showcasing Research Data, has made wide-reaching connections across the University’s research community. The project team conducted interviews to elicit requirements for a University of Adelaide research data repository and metadata store, and identify data collections for inclusion on Research Data Australia. An interview template was developed in two parts to satisfy both needs.

Individuals were identified for participation through various mechanisms including advice from Research and Branch Librarians; involvement in recent Australian Research Council (ARC) and National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) project grants; and referral by colleague. The project team made contact with 322 individuals. A brief email was used to introduce the project and invite participation in a 45 minute interview. Interviews were conducted in four phases: a test phase and three subsequent phases. The test phase involved staff from the University Library’s Rare Books and Special Collections and University Archives. Following the test phase the project team made substantial refinements to the interview questions.

The interviews facilitated creation of records for data collections on Research Data Australia. Although this undertaking has been a manual process, it serves to highlight the potential for capture and, where appropriate, publication of metadata about research data collections. A total of 38 research data collections and associated Party and Activity records have been included in Research Data Australia.

The project team has produced the report Responses to interviews: University of Adelaide research data repository and metadata store based on findings from the interviews. The report reflects the wide-ranging needs of the University’s research community. It establishes a need for a University research data repository and a metadata store. The broad involvement from individuals across the University’s research community, including all faculties, ensures that the report reflects a diversity of needs and concerns.

The third project deliverable was to publish information and guidelines on research data management. A Research Data Management LibGuide was created and updated as interviews progressed. The LibGuide provides a central point for research data management information and services. The University of Adelaide’s presence on Research Data Australia as well as the LibGuide provide a public face to the University of Adelaide’s research data management practices and services.

In addition to the tangible deliverables of identifying data collections and eliciting requirements for a research data repository and metadata store, the interviews also allowed the project team to explore individuals’ understanding of research data management practices. The project has generally raised awareness of research data management, including sharing of research data and the requirements for managing research data under the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research. Additionally, as the Project Manager and Research Data Project Office are based in the University Library, the project has raised awareness of the Library’s role in supporting research data management.