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Manual Entry Forms (usually web-based metadata entry interfaces)

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Toby Burrows (Data Source Administrator,

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Mathew Wyatt (

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Building a Research Data Registry for the University of Western Australia

University of Western Australia

Project Description:

Prior to this project, the University of Western Australia did not have central guidelines and advice relating to research data management. The University had policies in this area (including record-keeping policies), but researchers were expected to take responsibility for managing their own data. As a result of this project, researchers have access to guidelines, expertise and advice, and an active outreach and liaison programme has been put in place, based in Information Services.

There was no system for centrally documenting and recording the existence of research datasets at the University, or for publicizing their existence nationally and internationally. Through the implementation of the VIVO metadata hub, the University now has a platform for recording and publicizing datasets, and for contributing descriptions of datasets to Research Data Australia. A total of 83 dataset descriptions were made available through Research Data Australia as a result of this project. These relate to the three research groups which collaborated in this project and in the ANDS Data Capture Project (DC9): the Centre for Rock Art Research and Management, the Oceans Institute, and the Centre for Microscopy and Characterisation Analysis.

Public information is disseminated through the Research Data Management Toolkit which was prepared as part of this project. This Toolkit is publicly available on the Web: