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Ann Morgan (Project Manager,

Dr Julie Collins (Project Manager,

Belinda Hoare (Project Manager,

Martyn George (Lead Developer,

Dr Christine Garnaut (Data Source Administrator,

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Andrew Williams (

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Taking Australian Architectural and Built Environment Records into the Commons

University of South Australia

Project Description

"Metadata on collections held at the Architecture Museum was originally available in PDF Finding aids on the museum?s website.
All collection and party metadata has been entered into Metatecture and can be searched by UniSA staff and the public using the Public Interface to Metatecture.
Metadata is now stored in a consistent manner in a centralised location, which will lead to improved archival practices and procedures.
Metadata is also available to a wider audience via Research Data Australia (RDA), Trove etc.
The project team have become familiar with using some new IT environments and schemas e.g. Sandbox environment, Research Data Australia and the RIF-CS schema.
Team members have made contact with others working on ANDS projects e.g. Ian Wark Research Institute, UniSA, and University of Adelaide Library, Powerhouse Museum etc.
The Library has used and expanded the database model from this project to develop 2 research repositories at UniSA - for SA.NT DataLink and the Division of Health Sciences. We hope to develop repositories for other research areas in UniSA using a similar model.
Other research institutions with Humanities data could use this model to develop a repository for their metadata. We are open to discussing collaboration with other Architectural institutions to build on this database to provide a repository for several institutions to store their metadata.


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