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Euwe Ermita (Project Manager,

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Xiaobin Shen (

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In Progress

UWS Seeding the Commons

University of Western Sydney

Project Description

The UWS Seeding the Commons project, which has delivered:
• Establishment of project related teams and collaboration with key units
• Engaged all UWS stakeholders to create feeling of project ownership to ensure greater participation when we move to BAU in 2013
• The Research Data Catalogue is a new offering from the Library, which enables archiving and reuse of research data to occur
• Researchers who are hearing buzzwords about data management can access more information via the Office of Research Services and eResearch websites, not only in terms of the Research Data Catalogue, but also in terms of the broader strategy for the university.
• 21 records have been created for the project.
• The collections cover a wide range of disciplines and areas including education, cultural studies, political science, historical studies, museum studies, music, psychology, medicine, clinical sciences, environmental chemistry, social and cultural geography, race and ethnic relations, urban and regional planning, urban policy, natural resource management, studies of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander society, film, television and digital media, etc.
• Of the 18 collections, 3 provide open access under Creative Commons licence, 5 provide open access without specific licences, and the others offer mediated or restricted access.