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Dr Jonathan Bollen (Project Manager,

Jenny Fewster (Data Source Administrator,

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Andrew Williams (

Reformatting the AusStage dataset to support access and re-use by researchers

Flinders University

Project Description:

"Databases evolve over time, both in straight growth and in the description of their contents. A long-lived database, such as AusStage, is expected to undergo change as more data is added, more possible uses are identified and the user and developer group gain experience.

This work has made the AusStage database available to all potential researchers, without requiring expertise in database manipulation and extraction. This increases the audience of AusStage dramatically, providing a reusable and human readable form of the AusStage data corpus.

Other Australian cultural datasets such as AusLit, the Dictionary of Australian Artists Online and the Australian Dictionary of Biography, as well as the AusStage community, can now explore and develop their own sets of relations between existing data, substantially increasing the possibility of research usage and data longevity.

In addition, the project contributed to the development of Flinders University research data management policy and the ANDS projects steering committee, which highlighted research data management issues for Flinders University."

Data Type:

Australian performing arts, covering theatre, dance, music theatre, circus, and other genres of live performance. The data include: performance events, related venues, related organisations, related artists and related resources (e.g. programs, images, videos, links to digitised text et)

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"Performing arts Creative writing (playwriting) Dance Drama
theatre and performance studies"