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Integration metadata from various systems which are internal to an institution

Metadata Feed/Harvest/Publish

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Professor Kerry Walsh (Data Source Administrator,

Elke Dawson (Data Source Administrator,

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Mingfang Wu (

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CEM Core Data Curation project

Central Queensland University

Project Description:

Central Queensland University has had a formal requirement to maintain research data associated with grants, publications, theses or activities with ethics approval, however in practice the process of such research data curation has been largely left as a responsibility of the individual researcher. For research with ethics approval, research data was required to be physically lodged, but the format requirements for this storage was not proscribed.

The current project has provided a structure for an institutional data repository within CQU, with data records harvested to the national database. This structure extends the current role of CQUniveristy Library in maintaining a collection of research outputs from a collection of published papers to include data sets per se. The University ACQUIRE system has been utilised in this function.

The project involved input from a research centre (as a generator of research data), from the Office of Research (as the administrator of research within the University), from the Library (as the curator of records), and from the IT Division (as an enabler of the technology). This cross section of the research community were able to advance the project from their various perspectives from the angst of soliciting data sets from researchers, through to the issues of embedding the requirement for research data curation into university systems, the adoption of the curation role by the Library and the provision of enabling IP systems.

As noted above, the requirement to retain data has long been formerly part of the University’s requirement of researchers, e.g. as recorded in the Research Code of Conduct policy. However operational systems to encourage and support such behaviours have been lacking. Several forms have now been altered (e.g. thesis submission from) to remind researchers of their generic obligation to retain data, and material has been provided for annual use in training programs (e.g. researcher supervisor duties). A system for submission of data records to the library has been implemented, and it is intended that this system will be progressed to include an automated front end with the current ACQUIRE system (now used for deposition publications). ReDBox and MINT software have been utilised for RIF-CS record harvesting.

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