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Charles Darwin University

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Final: The project was about show-casing the notable and unique research undertaken at the university, researchers from all faculties, centres and schools contributed. Involvement from researchers across the board, from artists to engineers, from philosophers to lawyers, has illustrated the diversity and richness of CDU’s research capital. Importantly, the project received valuable infrastructural support from both the CDU technical team and the Library technical team.

Participation in the ANDS project allowed CDU to explore and identify the research data management needs of the university. The project allowed for a platform from which all the diverse parties could have their say. These conversations, identifying institutional needs, fed into the development of institutional infrastructure to efficiently and systematically build upon CDU research capital.

Data management issues that CDUeData has addressed:

o Provide researcher s with the infrastructure to access, better manage, connect with, preserve and re-use datasets to build CDU research capital. Such infrastructure includes research data management policy and procedure.
o Showcase and promote CDU research
o Academic rivalry between quantitative and qualitative research, which may leave the qualitative researchers pigeon holed as lacking rigour and not relevant for Research Data Australia.
o Elimination of confusion and clarification across the board of what exactly is involved in research data management, and how this is related to other similar policies or procedures.
o a space for researchers to express their research data management issues
• Data storage, including CDU capacity to manage the needed data storage
• Intellectual property, including researchers and students taking their research findings with them when they leave CDU

Initial: The aim of the project as a whole is to make CDU research datasets accessible to a wider audience. This project will establish formal procedures for long-term management of research data according to ARC standards in selected research areas at CDU -- e.g. the environmental sciences (satellite imagery, vector datasets, aerial photographs) -- and establish a workflow for researchers to centrally store datasets, including metadata, to enable the exposure and sharing of this data with in CDU, nationally and internationally.
These procedures will also be extended and applied to facilitate the discovery of data that exists in the various CDU research areas and data that is in the process of being created.

The end result will be a set of formally adopted policies, plans and procedures to provide a framework for this RDM into the longterm, and an ongoing storage area for access and re-use of this data through the CDU Fez-Fedora institutional repository, eSpace. This will be achieved through partnership with ANDS to enable the datasets and metadata to be visible and accessible via the national database. The program will also require some education of
researchers to introduce the new procedures in order to conform to research data management requirements and this will be undertaken in collaboration with the CDU Office of Research and Innovation and Library Services who will also be offering support to researchers in the uploading of their data and metadata.